Petrolia Health Partners Recognized in Lifesaving Efforts

Staff and physicians at Petrolia’s Charlotte Eleanor Englehart Hospital of Bluewater Health appreciated a special visit last month from Waylon Saunders and his family (pictured here) – who came with coffee and timbits to thank staff for their lifesaving efforts. Petrolia staff have coined Waylon as their “strongest patient” and were so grateful for the visit.

CEEH Emergency Room staff, along with our Petrolia health and first response partners, have been recognized over the past month as working tirelessly to save Waylon, who had a near-death experience on January 24.

Waylon’s story is an inspiring example of how our community comes together in times of need, delivering on our collective promise to high quality rural healthcare delivery. We are so proud of our emergency room staff for their dedication and lifesaving efforts, as well as those of our partners, including: Dr. Taylor, Central Lambton Family Health Team physicians, Lambton EMS, Petrolia/North Enniskillen Fire, Lambton OPP, and London Health Sciences Centre.

Our continued thoughts and prayers go out to Waylon and his family.